Dr. Brendon Hale


Brendon Hale, Ph.D. is the Vice President, Health and Market Outcomes Research for Penumbra Inc. In his current role he is responsible for ensuring that clinical and market research support strategic immersive healthcare product development. He does this by partnering with academic and industry leaders to ensure the evidence generated with digital technologies and therapies support full spectrum healthcare. Previously he led the Digital Therapeutics (DTx) research team at OptumLabs where he was responsible for developing research and product roadmaps which supported optimizing use of DTx technologies and devices in healthcare. His academic background is in Human Performance and Neuroscience. He has applied this expertise to lead the development of national health and wellness programs, to design science-based behavior change approaches for use in DTx, and to develop patented personalization algorithms for use in immersive healthcare. All of his efforts are directed to ensuring that DTx technologies are adopted in healthcare and that these technologies provide value to patients, caregivers, providers, hospital systems, and learning organizations.

1:30pm-2:00pm EST

September 29 Thursday

The Opportunities Between Academia and The Commercial Sector